Design Package 2 Get 9


Manage All Design Work With The Best Tools. Sensational Designs, Graphics & Animations in All Languages With The World’s Most Powerful Design Suite Powered By Artificial Intelligence!


DESIGN HELP - Professional Fast Working Program

The world's most powerful graphic design app with a large library of 7000+ ready-to-use designs that can be perfectly resized for all the popular social platforms.

Our graphics have been tested and will always be the ones that have had the best results when used. All designs can be customized with simple clicks, where their branding or logo is automatically added, and using our design kit, brings out the selected design in all the most used sizes at the same time.

Your eye-catching designers look professional at the first click and the content of any niche or topic can be easily adapted to all the most popular languages, without special experience or technical skills, so that everyone in a company can participate in developing the design. This is important in a time that we are now in, in order to regain affiliation to the company in which you work.

Remove Background in Your Photo

This powerful machine learning AI technology automatically detects the edges and objects of your images and erases the background automatically.

You never have to manually select the object or draw boundaries around the objects like the other competing apps.

Get professional results every time in seconds. Just upload any image to the app and let AI perform all the heavy lifting.

We guarantee that this will be the simplest background removal tool you have ever used.

Make a Living Photo

Make your designs reach an audience like never before, and turn them into paying customers.

Turn boring still images into dynamic moving images with amazing effects to impress your audience and stand out from the crowd.

Dynamic moving images prove to provide up to 10 times more engagement than regular still images. This is perfect for catching more eyeballs, getting more clicks, and halving your advertising costs.

Magnetize and make a memorable impact on your audience by adding dazzling effects such as snow, rain, clouds, smoke, and various other moving design elements to your photos instantly.

Remove Sections in Your Photo

Selectively remove objects, people, or other items you select from your photos in two easy steps. Select the object you want to delete and click export.

In a few seconds, the app will process the data and delete unwanted objects from your photos.

It's just like magic with unparalleled flexibility for faster, superior and impressive results.